One Customer Purchases 7 Bags In 10 Months – Amazing!

A Record Number of Bags Purchased in 10 Months

Our customer, Paula, ordered three bags on our website in August 2018. When we saw the order, we looked to see if she was a new customer or not. Turns out she had purchased a bag in Dec. 2017. Given that she had bought 4 bags in less than 10 months, we refunded a percentage to acknowledge her purchases and gave her a new coupon code for any future purchases. Here is her response to our refund email.

“Thanks! I love your bags – they just get grubby since they get more of a workout on a wheelchair or walker every day. I found out the hard way that anything that sticks out will get snagged eventually, so I stick to the flat ones. And when I look down one day and say “Oh, my God! That’s filthy!” it’s time to replace it.   I try to have extras around so I can change it and roll on. The bags are extremely well made. Thanks again!

Paula W.

Paula ordered the Premier Amethyst Grandeur, the Classic Poppy Punch Caribbean Blue and the Premier Imperial Blue in August.

We also explained how to wash the bags based on the bags she purchased. For example, the Poppy Punch Caribbean Blue can be washed with no problems.  Just turn it inside out and wash on gentle cycle.  The Premier bags also need to be turned inside out or placed in a lingerie bag or pillow case to be washed.  The straps should not be put in the washer lest the hardware catches on the agitator.  We suggest handwashing them. We were happy for Paula!

So imagine our surprise when she ordered two more bags in one order in early October and then a 3rd one in mid-October.  She ordered Premier Black Damask, Premier Chocolate and Premier Jeweled Ribbons. When queried she responded with the following:

“I just ordered 2 more! It turns out the bags with velcro don’t work with the wheelchair (for me, anyway), but are perfect for a walker. I live in a building where the tenants are 55 and over, and I make enough so I can afford to share. Two very happy ladies are using the velcro bags (Classic Bags) with their walkers and I ordered two more of the right kind for me. Nobody’s fault – I screwed up my original order. When I get the right ones I’ll be happy too.👍

She was so happy, she just ordered the 3rd one last week. Whew! What a customer and advocate Paula is, wouldn’t you say? And very generous to her friends! We just sent her three beautiful Pashminas to go with her new bags. We hope she enjoys them!

Thanks to an amazing customer!

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