What’s All The Buzz About? 

What People Are Saying About Their HDS Medallion Bags!

It warms our hearts every time we sell, give or donate one of our bags to a customer, a bag winner or for a cause.  Whether our customer is a young girl, a 20-something, in midlife or a mature lady, a military vet, she will be smiling, energized and feeling stylish. Take a peek below at what they are saying about how their bags enhance every day lives. 

If you have comments relative to your bag or what you see on our site, we would love to hear from you.  Use Facebook, Contact Us page on our site, or send us an email at [email protected]. 

If you have comments relative to your bag or what you see on our site, we would love to hear from you.  Use Facebook, Contact Us page on our site, or send us an email at [email protected]. 


Just got a call from a woman who bought two bags from us recently online. She called to see about exchanging one of the bags for a smaller one.  When I asked her how she had heard about our bags, she answered this way.

“I purchased my first HDS Medallion bag for my wheelchair at the L.A. Abilities Expo in 2013.  (That’s 9 years ago.)  It is starting to show some wear and tear, so I decided it was time to get a new bag or two.  I found you online fortunately.  I have tried other bags along the way, but they never fit as well nor do they hold enough.  Plus they aren’t pretty like your bags. They are so well made and last! Thanks so much!

HDS Medallion Demi-Premier Black Suede Scroll Mobility Bag

Patricia, California 

No, thank you Patricia.  Amazing story and we couldn’t be prouder!  So glad you found us and we’ll be happy to process the exchange you requested.  Hope you enjoy your Metro Reptile bag and your Demi-Premier Black Suede Scroll!! 


Kathy’s sister was in a car accident over a year ago.  She is in a nursing home and uses a walker for every step.  Kathy was worried about her psychological well-being as she works on healing and recovery.  She gave her two HDS Medallion Mobility Bags for her walker.  Here is Kathy’s comments and her sister’s picture.

She loves her bags!  Everyone at the nursing home comments or brags on them daily.  Thank you so very much.  You are amazing.  The quality and beauty of these bags give a person a higher self-esteem.  That is priceless!” 
Kathy, Arkansas  


Paula originally ordered 3 bags on our website (Aug. 2018).  When we saw the order, we looked to see if she was a new customer or not.  Turns out she had purchased a bag in Dec. 2017.  Given that she had bought 4 bags in 10 months, we refunded a percentage to acknowledge her purchases.  Here is her response to our refund email.

“Thanks!  I love your bags – they just get grubby since they get more of a workout on a wheelchair arm every day. I found out the hard way that anything that sticks out will get snagged eventually, so  I stick to the flat ones. And when I look down one day and say “Oh, my God! That’s filthy!” it’s time to replace it even though I know you can wash them. 😜 I try to have extras around so I can change it and roll on.  The bags are extremely well made. Thanks again! 

Paula W.

Paula ordered the Premier Amethyst Grandeur, the Classic Poppy Punch Caribbean Blue and the Premier Imperial Blue.  Thanks so much Paula!

Then she ordered 3 more in October 2018:  Premier Black Damask, Premier Chocolate and Premier Jeweled Ribbons.  When queried she responded with the following:

“I just ordered 2 more! It turns out the bags with velcro don’t work with the wheelchair (for me, anyway), but are perfect for a walker. I live in a building where the tenants are 55 and over, and I make enough so I can afford to share. Two very happy ladies are using the velcro bags with their walkers and I ordered two more of the right kind for me. Nobody’s fault – I screwed up my original order. When I get the right ones I’ll be happy too.👍”

She was so happy, she just ordered the 3rd one last week.  Whew!  What a customer and advocate Paula is, wouldn’t you say?


“I have been looking for pretty functional bag. Fits on my walker perfectly. Carries everything I need. I looked at many places, but nothing as nice as yours. I will buy again. Thank You!”

Brenda D.  


We met Dwayne H. at the Chicago Abilities Expo.  He just sent us this picture and testimonial.  So nice of him to think of us and tell us.

“Carol, I noticed your bag on a wheelchair here at Navy Pier Chicago Expo and wanted to share these pictures with you. The customer stated that he loved your bag and requested I tell you to make a bigger size bag for back of wheelchairs. :-)”.  

Dwayne H., Chicago

The irony is that we have three collections of bags that are larger than this Demi-Premier bag.  Our Premier & Universal Collection bags are all 15″ x 12″ and our Metro Bags are 16-17″ x 12″ and all work on the back of wheelchairs!  


“I own 2 HDS Medallion bags (Premier Flirty Flowers and Metro Colorwash) and receive compliments on them quite frequently.  Both are waterproof, a feature which I find very useful, as I have a habit of getting caught in the rain.  A few weeks ago, I got stuck outside in the rain for nearly an hour.  Upon returning home, I was delighted to find that the book and papers inside my Colorwash bag were completely dry and undamaged. 

I am particularly pleased with the Colorwash for a number of reasons.  It is the larger of the two bags and can hold a small bag of groceries.  It also has zippers which, of course, make it a bit more secure when I am in a crowd.  It keeps the contents together when the bag occasionally slips off the armrests of my power chair.  Then there is the pattern of the Colorwash fabric.  I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s and the fabric reminds me of the tie dyed tee shirts and spin art projects of my childhood.  I think it must bring back happy memories for other people as well, judging by the number of compliments it has generated.

Customer service (of HDS Medallion) is excellent.  When I saw them at the Abilities Expo in New Jersey, I casually mentioned that the stitching of the inside pocket of my Flirty Flowers bag had started to come apart (after at least a year of daily use).  They took the bag with them, repaired the stitching by hand in their hotel room and returned it to me the next day.  For this service, they charged me nothing!  Furthermore, having noticed during the repair process that the bag’s straps were somewhat worn, when they returned home, they found a spare pair of straps and sent them to me.  Again, they charged me nothing!” 

Susan M, New Jersey


“My order of the Pink Charlotte Rose Bag arrived the third day after I ordered it. It was a birthday gift for a dear friend and I was so happy it came in time to give her on that day. I had just found the item online and didn’t really think it would make it here in time but it did. (I fell in love with it at first sight!) That’s Happy #1!

Happy #2 – The bag is adorable and very pretty. My friend had never seen anything like it before and was thrilled, as it will be a fun and useful addition to her new walker. She will feel like a real lady and it will carry everything she needs close at hand.

I can’t thank you enough for your quick service and lovely product.”



“After visiting a family member in her independent living apartment, I saw her walking with plastic grocery bags tied to her walker and her handbag falling off the side bar. Being a very elegant lady, I thought how nice it would be if there were something more fashionable than a boring walker basket or plastic bag. So I searched the internet hoping I would find what I was envisioning… and sure enough…I found HDS Medallion!

If anyone could have read my mind, HDS did it!  We purchased a very sophisticated bag with the right amount of bling for her birthday. She absolutely loves it and has had many compliments! So now we are on our 2nd purchase for another birthday gift! These bags are well made, well thought out, fill an important need and make moving around and carrying things so much easier. I am sure we will be looking for our 3rd purchase very soon!”

Meryl, Virginia


Joyce made a mistake in ordering and contacted our service department.  Unfortunately, we screwed up the contact.  As the owner, I stepped in and made everything right and up to our service standards.  Here’s what she wrote later.

Hello, I got the bag today and I just wanted to email you and let you know my mom LOVE’S it!  Thank you so much for all your help and I will let other people know how nice the bags and you are.  Mom is 95 and she was so happy to have it, she loved all the colors.”  

Joyce, Kentucky 


Roz wrote us on our Contact Us page to be sure a specific bag would work. We love her attitude!

“Dear Carol — How very dear of you to answer so wholly and graciously. As it happens, I went ahead and bought the bag, hopeful that it would indeed work. And now I know it will.

I named my red Nova Zoom “Rosebud” and am tooting around the house like traveling on air. The sassy flower shower bag will fit her personality and mine. I look forward to taking them out for a spin at the mall, where I can walk easily on the smooth floor and perhaps garner some grins from shoppers. Still a show-off at age 85. 

Thanks for lovely customer service!

Roz from Dallas


“Hi Carol. I have purchased several of your bags for Pat (a friend) and she has really enjoyed all of them and gets compliments all the time on them.

Your bags have changed her life. She was putting things in her pockets and on the side of her chair, only to have them fall off and we both know that reaching for a fallen item can be a danger. She now has a water bottle and everything she needs while away from her apartment. A very heartfelt thank you to all of you for caring and making a difference!”

Elizabeth, Kentucky & Indiana


“Just a note to say a BIG THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I am so excited that there is now a demi-bag with a zipper! I have asked about this twice before and it finally came true!  I take public transit to work and I also get a little nervous that someone is going to slip her/his hand in my bag and I won’t notice but no more of that!  Thanks again!!!

My birthday is coming up soon and I am definitely going to ask for this as a gift.  This will be my 4th demi bag.  I love them! My only complaint was that based on my wheelchair and my physical ability the demi purse was the only bag style that worked for me but the velcro (in my experience) doesn’t secure the entire opening.  No complaints anymore! You have one very satisfied customer! Thanks again!!!!!”

Stephanie from Pennsylvania
Demi-Premier Blue Green Lumina 98070

HDS Medallion - Demi Blue-Green Lumina with Zipper
HDS Medallion - Demi Blue-Green Lumina with Zipper


Ron bought his mother a Classic bag after seeing our ad in our high school reunion program.  He gave us very nice feedback about how he had searched high and low for an attractive, functional bag for his mom’s walker and was so pleased to finally find one.  But this follow-up response is incredible!

“Carol – I thought I would give you some follow-up on the impact of the walker bag I gave my mother.

She started using it and then began using it for more and more things. She started leaving her room more and walking more with the walker. She went to get her own ice from the ice machine. She went to the library. And so on. She uses the bag to carry her cell phone, her handicapped placard and some of the quarters she has won at Bingo. 

She began to recover her strength somewhat and when I was there last, was walking in her room without the walker. 

I think the bag was a big help in her improving her independence.” 

Ron from Germany (his residence) and Texas (his Mom’s)


“I love the bag that came when I was out of town. It is great with the purple that it has on it. Thank you so much for your great customer service and wonderful products. Happy Holidays!”  

Brenda H., Texas


Josie was a customer at the Boston Abilities Expos in 2014 and 2015.  We did not attend in subsequent years.  Here’s what she emailed us.

“Hi Carol.  We missed you at the Abilities Expo in Boston, this past September.  I had to buy a bag from a woman who said she knows you well. (Note – that would be one of our competitors – lovely woman).  Sorry to say her bag already broke.  I just ordered the Leopard bag off your site.  I hope I measured correctly.  I will let you know!”

Update from Josie on her bag:

“Hi Carol, I received my new bag and love, love, love it.  It fits perfect and I have received many compliments.  I just love your products, they are made to last.

I will treat myself to another for Christmas, missed you at the Expo…  Have a great holiday……….”

Josie – Massachusetts


One of our bag winners in 2015 contacted us and promised us a picture of her bag on her new chair.  Nearly a year later, we heard from Cora.

“Don’t forget I have traumatic brain injury. I forgot but here it is.  I really wanted to do what I said I would do.  I appreciate that gift and thank you again and may God continue to bless you, your family and business. It’s a great bag and I’m grateful!  May God bless.”  Bless you Cora from New Jersey.  We put her picture on Facebook!


“Dear Carol, thank you so much for letting me know I was drawn from many others to receive one of your beautiful Medallion Bags. I have checked out your many pieces and decided on the Dramatic Premier Jeweled Bag. I think it would complement my chair perfectly. I have been very upset because I do not have a purse to use when I go out and I need to put everything in my pockets. This would eliminate that issue for me. I was not even aware that a product like yours was available. Once again thank you so much.”   Camille of New Jersey