Everyone is inundated with information relative to the coronavirus.  Depending on where you live in this large country, you will have different circumstances.  Here in New England especially in the New York Metropolitan area, only essential businesses are open and people are “hunkering” down.  In Texas, if you are in the larger cities (Houston, Dallas, San Antonio), there are also shutdowns, but the state has not mandated it yet.  West Coast is experiencing similar issues especially Washington and Colorado.  

Bill and I, Co-Owners of HDS Medallion, are seniors so we are being very careful to stay home except to go to the pharmacy and to the grocery store periodically.  We pray every day for all of you and your families to be safe and to not contract the virus. And if you unfortunately do, that it is a light case. We especially worry about many of our customers who have underlying conditions.  Please, please, please follow medical guidance relative to your activities. 

We have been pleasantly surprised that there are a few sales online.  We are not pushing sales, or advertising, or sending out marketing items.  We think if someone needs a bag, they will find us and order online.  The order fulfillment company we use is located in Olean, New York which is all the way across the state from NYC.  They have no cases in their area so far.  But they have implemented protocols to keep their staff members safe and to assure appropriate, safe handling of products.  

We met many of you at Abilities Expos.  Not surprisingly the New York/New Jersey Expo has been moved to July rather than early May.  That’s great news!  Be sure and check their website, for more information. Bill and I will not be exhibiting at the expos for a variety of business and personal reasons.  We may visit either NY/NJ or Boston to see people we miss!  

We lost our manufacturer in 2019 when she went to Portugal and stayed.  All of her employees retired or went to other shops.  That combined with some personal issues has caused us to step back and look at the business and what we should do.  If you have any ideas for us or any interest in getting involved, just contact us. There is a contact us form on the site or you can send an email to [email protected]. We will let people know when we make some decisions.  

In the meantime, we still have a good supply of many bags.  We also want you to know that the codeword beauty will give you a 20% off discount.  So if you need a bag for Easter, or Mother’s Day, we’re here.  We are sorry to report that we do not have Universal Bags in stock at all. Checkout the website for a look at all of the available bags.

Here is a list of bags where we have under 20 left:

Classic Paisley Punch Pink – 15
Premier Gypsy Bandana – 16
Premier Misty Gray – 19
Demi-Premier Zebra Daisy Dot Pink – 17
Demi-Premier Zebra Daisy Dot Aqua – 15
Demi-Premier Jewel Swirl – 8
Premier Jeweled Ribbons – 9
Demi-Premier Mulberry Criss Cross – 9
Demi-Premier Jet Polka Dot – Pink – 3; Red – 3; Turquoise – 9
Demi-Premier Purple Grandeur – 14
Demi-Premier Mini – Silver Dress Up – 18
Demi-Premier Mini – Silver & Black Lace – 19

Blessings to you and yours.

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