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Step 1:  Choose the right type of bag for your device if you know which one works best.      

Step 2:  Click on the type and then select your favorite bag or scroll down here to see all bags on this page.  Detailed descriptions also highlight which devices are best with the particular bag.  We also present Pashmina scarves which partner well with the given bag on its detailed product page.

Note: To view our new Pashmina Scarves/Shawls, select low to high price in the Sort By drop-down at top of product offerings, right hand corner.  The Pashminas will appear at the top of the product screens when this is selected. 




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HDS MEDALLION Premier Amethyst Grandeur CarryAll Bag

    You're Going To Love It!

    A Fabulously Functional
Amethyst Bag At Your Request


Big Paisley Pashmina In Purple

                 Not Just Any Purple Pashmina
          This Big Purple Paisley Pashmina has
              lovely shades of purple, peacock,
           silver & gold in a gorgeous pattern!

HDS MEDALLION Demi-Premier Whimsical Garden

          New Waterproof Bag
A Demi-Premier Whimsical Garden


HDS MEDALLION Ink Purple Pashmina

Feel Like Royalty In This Deep Purple Pashmina
It's perfect for so many queens & princesses


HDS MEDALLION Pashmina of Magenta & Black Jacquard

Love Magenta?  This Pashmina
is rich with magenta and black in
a stupendous looking jacquard scarf

HDS MEDALLION offers this vibrant red & black tone Pashmina

Vibrant Red & Black Tone Pashmina
    Show The World Your Style!

HDS MEDALLION Royal Blue Paisley Jacquard Pashmina

 Attracted to Any Shade of Blue?
  Fall in love with this royal blue
paisley jacquard Pashmina today

HDS Medallion Demi - Premier Mulberry Criss Cross Bag

        A NEW BAG! 
        It's Mulberry
A stunning unique shade

  in the purple palette

HDS MEDALLION Premier Jeweled Ribbons Bag

  New Bag Available Now!     
Ribbons of jeweled colors span

  this sophisticated black bag

HDS MEDALLION Royal Blue Lumina Bag

       A NEW BLUE BAG!
   Fit for the queen or princess
who adores sapphires, turquoise
        and emerald gems.


HDS MEDALLION Demi-Premier Yellow Daylilies

 A Unique Upbeat Bag
Demi - Yellow Daylilies



HDS MEDALLION Demi-Premier Leopard

Just A Meow - Not A Roar
  Demi-Premier Leopard


HDS MEDALLION Princess Damask

      Princess Damask
For the pink & purple lover!



HDS MEDALLION Demi Jewel Swirl CarryAll Bag

Exciting Jewel Colors
on a Purple Background


HDS MEDALLION's Demi-Premier Bag Imperial Indigo

This smaller, sophisticated bag reflects
 the beautiful blues of the evening sky.



Display A Trendy Animal Print
  Bag on Your Mobility Device




Fashion Forward Animal Print of
Silver & Black Reptile in Denim


HDS MEDALLION Premier Denim Bouquet

Bouquet of Flirtatious Denim Flowers
       Enhance This Chic Bag



HDS MEDALLION Metro Leopard Bag

   Metro Leopard CarryAll Bag
            It's purrrrfect!




Zebra Daisy Dot Aqua
Cheerful Animal Print!


HDS MEDALLION - Premier Daisy

Daisies on a Field Of White
  Accented By Navy Blue
         So Cheerful!

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HDS MEDALLION Premier Imperial Bag

Stunning shades of evening blue
    in this popular, elegant bag



HDS MEDALLION Premier Black Damask

Unmistakeable elegance in
silver & onyx with just the
   right touch of bling!


    Zebra Daisy Dot Pink
The Latest & Greatest Look




          Espresso Combo
Contemporary Flowers & Dots















Functional, fun and fashionable, our line of distinctive designer carryall bags is just the thing to make any woman who uses a medical mobility device feel good about herself. We understand how difficult it is adjusting to life with a power chair, walker, wheelchair or other mobility device. Based on personal experience with a number of women with mobility devices, we have designed stylish walker bags, wheelchair bags and power chair bags to add a sense of fashion so women who use medical mobility devices can maintain their unique sense of style. We feature 14 different designer Classic Collection of walker bags to choose from as well as our 9 bags in the Premier Collection, 4 in the Demi-Premier Collection and 2 in our new Metro Collection.  Both collections feature feminine and functional designs, attractive quality fabrics and trims and colorful patterns so women can accessorize their walkers, wheelchairs including transport wheelchairs, scooters and power chairs with a stylish carryall bag that is as fashionable as it is practical.

Our new Demi-Premier and Metro Collections are direct responses to your requests for a smaller bag and for a larger, zippered one.   

From subtle to vibrant color patterns to chic and stylish contemporary designs, our distinct walker bags give women a chance to accessorize their mobility devices with carryall bags that express their individual fashion sense; in some way they are an extension of users' personalities. Whether it's the colorful Espresso Flower Shower walker bag or the Silver & Onyx Damask power chair accessory bag or others shown above,  our designer walker bags speak to a woman's need to feel and look special. Our smart and savvy wheelchair bags essentially replace the fashion staple - the handbag. On the other hand, our Premier Bags convert into a shoulder or handbag themselves for you or your caretaker to carry.  These bags give women who use medical mobility devices a stylish carryall bag that not only looks great, but also has room to carry important medical records, medications, electronics and other personal belongings.

Perfect for a Christmas, Hanukah, Valentines, Birthday or Mother's Day gift or a special present for someone who is disabled or for a senior, our designer mobility device bags make life with a walker, scooter, wheelchair or power chair a little easier and a lot more fun. Shop our great selection today and find the right carryall bag to make that special someone feel extra special again.